The VIP Membership Program is a bulk rate service that enables emerging artists to secure high quality recording time on a monthly basis.This groundbreaking opportunity eliminates barriers for up-and-coming talents granting them the chance to hone their craft in a professional studio environment that was once reserved for industry giants.
HMG Studios recognizes the importance of supporting independent creatives and fostering the growth of the music community. By extending the VIP Membership Program to independent artists and companies, HMG is not only democratizing access to premium recording services but also contributing to the enrichment of music education programs nationwide.


  •  $150 a month

  • 15 hours a month

  • No Engineer

  •  $350 a month

  • 32 hours a month

  • No Engineer

  •  $1,000 a month

  • 50 hours a month

  • No Engineer

  •  $2,300 a month

  • 12 hours a week PLUS 2 Mix/Masters a Month

  • Engineer Included


       How will I book my time for the month/Week?

After your membership begins, we will send you a calendar link via email to schedule your time. First come first serve.



       Can I pay Month to month?

Unfortunately, the VIP Membership program requires a minimum of 3 months commitment, however, you will be charged on a recurring schedule monthly from the date of purchase.



       What If I need to reschedule my reserved time

Need to Reschedule? No problem! We ask that you do so within 24 hours of your booking time, so that we can avail it to someone else. Please note: HOURS DO NOT ROLL OVER MONTHLY. You will have to either reschedule for another time during the month, or unfortunately will lose that allotted time.



       What Studio will be available?

The VIP Membership is designated to our top-of-the-line R. Thomas Elite Room.



Have any more questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at 818-691-6567